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Finding Good Reliable Real Estate News and Information

As the broker of South Florida Brokers & Assocaites and Miami Rent Seekers ; I am constantly searching the internet for reliable real estate news, information and updates.  Although, I believe that our National, State and Local Boards offer excellent services in this realm, by providing weekly and monthly updartes via email and simply by logging on to the perspective websites sometimes we ned the extra that gives more consummer oriented information.  I recently discoverd This site offers a wealth of information.  This information is very much up to date. Anyone is abl to access this site and view information such from Real Estate Forecasts and  Current Market Conditions to Buyer and Seller advice and even an agent locator.

The real estate professional is certainly not left out of this site. In fact thair are several tools I noticed that are available to real estate and mortgage practitioners. Many are geared towards adverisment.

To be honest the best feature of the site that I noticed was simpy the podcst at the very top of the home page.  If you play it, it will give you a quick and concise view of the national real estate market and break it down on regions for you.  Although, I do not believe this site replaces local infomtation (we all know real estate is very local), I do believe it is an excellent source for quick information as an overview.

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