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Judge rules that RED LIGHT CAMERAS are illegal in Aventura

Aventura has recently installed “red light cameras”. Apparently these cameras will photograph a red traffic light violation and then a computer would generate a ticket and it would simply be mailed to the alleged violator. these fines are not cheap they tend to go over the $100 mark.  I guess the City of Aventura felt that this was a good idea as a deterrent to persons thinking of speeding through a red light and maybe at the same time bolster a bit of the city’s revenue.  I would be the first to agree that we certainly don’t want folks just jetting through red lights and as an Aventura broker and resident I will be the first to commend the police department and the office individually in Aventura.  I have always had wonderful experiences with these offices, from the Officer who watches over our children in the Charter School to those that patrol Aventura Mall.

However, I will say also that I found these cameras to be absurd and possibly a waste of money.  I always felt how could a machine actually make a judgement call regarding a traffic violation in place of a human being capable of using reasoning.

Well apparently a Judge has ruled against the cameras. Judge Jerald Bagley has ruled that the tickets issued by these red light cameras are illegal.  He is quoted as stating ” Tickets should be issued by a law enforcement officer who has observed the actions on the part of the alleged violator running a red light”.

currently 26 cities have installed similar devices, this ruling in Aventura may actually affect all these other cities. In fact there is currently legal action against Pembroke Pines through a class action lawsuit regarding the same issue.

Some cities have been accused of going to the extent of actually re-timing the yellow lights to increase the probability of issuing a ticket.  This practice has proven to be dangerous especially for older driver who may have slower reflexes or during adverse weather conditions.

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